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The Door to door transportation service is an exclusive and exceptional service offered by NJ Star New Jersey limo service. It is a perfect choice to satisfy your ground transportation needs in the city of New Jersey, its metro area, and the adjacent cities. The door to door service is a great choice for clients who like to measure their journey by the mile and the road traveled, not by the time spent on the road. You are free to choose the route you want to go, and take control of the stops you want to make and the points you desire to reach.


We offer the most affordable prices on the market for both company events and private journeys. The quality of our NJ limo service is never endangered by the affordability of the prices we offer


Because we are so focused on customer satisfaction, we aim to provide them with all the necessary services, and beyond, in order to provide the with the best New Jersey car service experience.


There are no hidden costs in our New Jersey service, what you see is what you get. Clear business model and reliable payment methods are some of the aspects that make us a premier transportation company on the East coast


The prices at which we offer our services don’t mirror the true value of our offer, as we have the most luxurious vehicles at the lowest rates. Big and grand SUV’s and vans, classy stretch limos and timeless sedans available for all opportunities are just a small aspect of the all around service we offer.

All of our vehicles are equipped with comfy leather seats, free wifi, chargers adaptable for all devices and some of them are ideal even for the most radical road trip ideas, as they are equipped with bars, DVD players and high tech speakers.


We aim to please our customers, and we put their satisfaction in first place. That is why we take their safety and comfort as a thing of utmost priority. We always endeavor to push the limit of the quality of the NJ limo services we provide, while also being the most reliable company out there.

While you are enjoying the most comfortable ride, we are here to focus on all of the other things and take care of you. Services, vehicles and our employees are all at a world class level, and you can always count on us.