Reliable Car Service to Connecticut

It takes some two hours to reach Hartford, the capital of the Connecticut state, from North Jersey and New York City. And it can be a pleasant ride in a luxurious limo that lets you rest and observe the local nature and landscapes. A small restaurant in New Heaven, Louis’ Lunch, that still exists invented the first hamburger and you can really try the famous pizza at the Mystic Pizza restaurant from the movie of the same name. Of course, its most famous landmarks are the eponymous Yale University located in New Haven and Mark Twain’s house in Hartford.

There are plenty of reasons why people travel from New Jersey and New York City to Connecticut. Some work in these big cities and return back home during holidays. Some were flying on the planes that landed at JFK or Newark airport and need a way to reach Connecticut. Others just don’t like flying and would rather enjoy the comfort of a private car service. Of course, there are plenty of people who travel back and forth through New England.

Whatever the reason behind your long-distance travel, we are here to provide you with premium NJ car service at all times, even during holidays.

Corporate Limo Service to Connecticut

Many people from NYC and North Jersey travel to Connecticut for business reasons. All cities in New England are closely connected when it comes to business and meetings, roadshows, conferences and fairs happen at least once a month. America’s and world’s most influential companies have their representatives in Connecticut, with PEZ candy company being the most famous, and visits to and from bigger towns on the East Coast happen very often.

If you need a transportation to reach any city in Connecticut – we have all the vehicles you may need. We can fit your small teams in our SUVs, your big groups in our vans and your executives in our sleek sedans. We will even provide you with a bus if you want to keep all your employees at one place or you need a transportation for a sports team, for example.

EWR & JFK Car Service to Connecticut

Even though Connecticut has its own international airport, most locals prefer to travel via Newark and JFK airport. It is by no means a short ride, but it can be a pleasant one if you book the right transportation. A ride from Newark airport to Hartford takes almost three hours and a ride from JFK airport about an hour an a half.

When you have plenty of luggage and no one to help you with it, it can be a stressful trip, but if a kind chauffeur helps you with your bags and provides you with superb NJ car service, it can be one of the best experiences in your life that you will want to repeat again.

Long-distance NJ Car Service

Our NJ car service to Connecticut is just one of the many long-distance car services that we offer. You can also book a safe and reliable transportation from New Jersey to Boston or some other city in New England. We guarantee that the time in our exquisite limos will pass much faster, that you will enjoy a first-class service and privacy that not even the best seats on the plane can offer.

You can book our NJ limo service for your one-way ride or a round trip quickly and easily. Just use our booking form on our website or give us a call. We accept online payment through all major credit cards, so you don’t have to worry about cash when the limo arrives to pick you up.