Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

The latest data shows that a devastating number of about four million Americans are unable to attend or are late to their doctor’s appointments, which in some cases can be crucial to the health of a patient. They can’t always ask for a friend or a relative to drive them to the doctor’s appointment on a regular basis, they are not able to drive themselves and the local taxis can be too expensive or ill-equipped to drive someone for medical reasons.

If you or your loved one needs to go to regular appointments to a doctor’s office or is being discharged from a hospital – we offer non-emergency medical transportation in the Tri-State area. You can be sure that the ones you care about the most will attend their appointments and always arrive on time, that they will be taken care of, comfortable and safe.

We are servicing all of New Jersey’s most popular medical facilities like The Pain Management Center in Hamilton, Premier Pain Centers in Freehold, Surgery Center of Central New Jersey, Mountain Surgery Center and Short Hills Surgery Center. You can count on us to drive your loved ones to and from Regency Park Nursing and Post-Acute Rehabilitation Center, Bridgeway Care and Rehabilitation Center and Riverview Rehab Center.

Attentive And Proffesional Chauffeurs

Rest assured that your loved ones are safe and taken care of with our chauffeurs behind the wheel. We hired the ones with most experience, who were highly recommended to us and who’s backgrounds were thoroughly checked. They have been through a special training and they work closely with the patient and their caregivers to ensure that their ride passes smoothly and that they are being transported according to their health condition. Even though our drivers know New Jersey by heart, they are in constant communication with our staff ensuring that their location is always known and that they will be at the doctor’s office in time. Our chauffeurs will always open doors for your loved ones, help them with any luggage they may need and make sure they are comfortable when they enter or exit the vehicle and while they are driving.

Book Your Nemt Limo

Booking our services for your NEMT needs means having a reliable transportation for your loved one’s frequent medical appointments. We will know in advance when and where they need to go and we will be there to pick them up on time, even remind them if need be.

Once you dial our phone, book your limo via our email or fill the form on our website, you will get a support for all your loved one’s NEMT needs for life. You can continue with your day stress free knowing that the ones you care about the most are safely being transferred to their health treatment.

We are ready to transport a senior family member or someone younger in need of NEMT. We can even provide long distance non-emergency medical transportation in case you need to be somewhere further in the Tri-State area.

Fleet Of Luxurious And Comfortable Vehicles

We have a large fleet of town cars, sedans and SUVs to fit all of patient’s non-emergency medical needs. SUVs are a perfect choice for those who want to bring a family member or a caregiver with them to the appointment, while town cars and sedans are known for their easy navigation throughout the city streets. We also recommend SUVs for demanding weather conditions, because they can easily overcome any amount of rain or snow. Each and every one of our vehicles are well-maintained and equipped with tracking and communication devices that ensure your NEMT car is always at the right place and on time.