New Jersey Nemt Provider

Researches show that nearly 4 million Americans miss or show up late to their doctor’s appointments every year because they don’t have reliable transportation. Some of these American citizens are not able to drive anymore, some don’t have anyone who could drive them so frequently while others find the various non-emergency medical transportation options overly costly, not sufficiently equipped or trained for that kind of service or worse not ready to help a patient make his transfer as smooth as possible. It is not uncommon that medical institutions sometimes find themselves with too few vehicles available and too many patients in need of adequate transportation to the doctor’s office.

If you are the kind of medical facility, surgery center or pain management center that takes great care of its patients, that organizes their appointments for them and wants to provide them with safe and reliable non-emergency medical transportation – we are here for you. Our luxurious vehicles and professional chauffeurs ensure that each and every one of your patients will arrive to their appointment on time, safe and at maximum comfort.

Reliable And Polite Chauffeurs

We understand that most of your patients need special care when going to the doctor’s office due to their health condition. Our chauffeurs are attentive, polite and always there to help every patient that may need some extra care. We open doors for them, get them in and out of the vehicle safely and comfortably. When hiring our chauffeurs, we pay great attention to their experience and background in order to always know your patients are in safe hands. Most importantly, our drivers are trained to drive non-emergency patients and know every part of New Jersey by heart so there will be no necessary delays and appointment misses, due to traffic and wrong routes. Our chauffeurs are in constant communication with our staff and we always know their whereabouts and can help in no time if need be. We will always do our best to get your patient to their appointment in time.

Call Us To Be Nemt Providers

By hiring us to be your non-emergency medical transportation providers you get a reliable partner that is always there to help you take care of your patients and their medical appointments. Depending on your patient and their needs, we will provide a superb service and we will know when the patient needs to be driven to the doctor’s and back without you ever having to call our office.

Once you entrust us with your NEMT, you can be sure that the transportation is taken care of and that you can focus on your patients and their needs. We will work closely with you to get all the necessary information on how each and every patient needs to be transported and what to pay attention to in order to provide the service your medical facility can be proud of.

Fleet Perfect For Nemt Pacients

Our fleet of town cars, sedans and SUVs ensures that your patients can get to their appointment quickly and spend as little time in the car as possible. Town cars and sedans are great for city transportation and can easily find their way through the busy city streets. SUVs allow for a comfortable transportation of your patients as well as some family members or caregivers that can take care of them on their way to the medical facility and back. Our luxury well-maintained cars ensure the maximum of comfort for the patient, no matter if it is a senior family member or someone in their younger age. All of our vehicles are equipped with real-time navigation, tracking and communication.

A Limo Service For Your Doctor

Do you have a doctor arriving to your hospital from one of the local airports? We can be your go-to limo service that also picks up your doctors from Newark, Teterboro, JFK and LaGuardia airports. Don’t let your reputable specialist search for transportation themselves just to be overcharged and disrespected, but instead send a nice luxurious limo to be there waiting for them when their plane lands and help them with luggage, so they can be well rested, relaxed and ready to focus on your patients.