Book Your Long Distance Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Now

We advise you to book your long distance NEMT as soon as you know you may need it. Long distance rides usually mean that one of our vehicles and one of our drivers is reserved for a longer period of time and we want to make sure we are available to provide you with the service and the car you need.

We are at your disposal 24/7 all year round and you can always count on us if you remember to book your limo on time. We will work closely with you, your loved one and your medical advisor to make sure that the person being transferred has everything he or she needs, that their health is in no way endangered and that they get to their destination as soon as possible, but enjoying their smooth and safe ride.

Our chauffeurs are in constant communication with our staff and tracked by a GPS service, so that we know at all times what is their location, speed of travel and whether they are safe and on the right track.

Our services are extremely affordable and you will see no additional cost than what you pay upfront while booking your non-emergency medical transportation.

Please keep in mind that your loved one may need to spend a lot of time in the vehicle during long distance trip and if their medical condition is unstable, they should travel with a family member or a caregiver. We charge only per vehicle not per person, so they can bring as many people as they need as long as there is enough space for everyone.

Vehicles That Are Comfortable For Long Distance Travel

You can be sure that all of our luxurious vehicles are new, well maintained and comfortable for such long distance travel. They can easily fit just one person or have the passenger with medical condition travel with a family member or a caregiver. SUVs are definitely more spacious when there are more than two people in the vehicle and they are better at overcoming any rain and snow that may occur on the East Coast. Town cars and sedans are a good choice for urban areas and getting quickly but smoothly from point to point. All of our vehicles are checked by the state authorities and well equipped for traveling such long distances.

Long Distance Medical Transportation

Long distance non-emergency transportation is usually reserved when your loved ones need to be transferred to a medical facility in another city or state, when the medical care is only available at distant surgery and pain relief centers or when they are changing their senior citizen community, for example. Sometimes their health condition is making them uncomfortable in the airplane and sometimes they are simply afraid of flying and feel much safer using the long distance ground transportation. Whatever the reason for their trip, we are ready to take them anywhere in the state of New Jersey and even further in the Tri-State area.

Chauffeurs That Take Care Of Your Loved Ones

Our chauffeurs have years of experience driving passengers in need of non-emergency medical transportation. They are always there to help the passenger, either by giving necessary information, opening doors and assisting them while getting in and out of the car, or by carrying any luggage that your loved one brought. You can be sure the passenger is always safe and comfortable with our chauffeurs behind the wheel, especially with such long distances. We pick only the most professional drivers that know the Tri-State area like the palm of their hand to make sure the passenger is never late, lost or stuck in traffic.